Monday, July 18, 2011

Free Minecraft Gift Code

How to get minecraft!

Get free mineraft! All you have to do is sign up with Points2hop and take the offers and surveys. Each survey you complete gives you points or cash. Once you earn enough points/cash from the surveys you can redeem them for your free minecarft.

How do I do the surveys and offers to get points?
To get points from the surveys once you sign up to Points2shop just follow the survey/offer instructions. You should have no problem earning the points really fast so you can earn even more free minecraft gift code.

This is not a minecraft download! Points2shop simply rewards you for taking their surveys, and offers and sends you a free minecraft gift code to your email or mailing address. You can then take the gift code to and download the game their using the premium code you've gotten..

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and get started right now getting your free minecraft. I use this to get all my premium minecraft for free and it works every time. Premium is the way to go! This is a awesome game and its well worth the time to earn the account code using the free site posted.

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You cant get a minecraft gift code from points2shop anymore but you can get a check or money in your paypal account if you have one and buy a gift code from itself with the money you get from points2shop.